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Heat is what sets apart Madeira from other fortified wines.
Already oxidized and pasteurized, Madeira is built to last. Perhaps that's why a Madeira from 1834 can hold up so delightfully well, nearly two centuries after it was first produced. In either case, the estufagem system is one of three modern processes used, with a second variation essentially steaming the cask warehouse for six months to a year or longer, and the final involving only natural heat over a period of decades, generally producing what is seen as today's best and most expensive Madeiras.

Madeira Selection
 NamePrice Link 
 Madeira 1720 Pather Borges Family Reserve $ 29,000 
 Madeira 1789 Teixeira, Joao Romao $ 19,000 VISIT
 Madeira 1800 J.S. Terrantez $ 9,000 VISIT
 Madeira 1875 Oliveira Malvasia  $1,599 VISIT
 Madeira 1900 Henriques & Henriques $2,000 VISIT
 Madeira 1828 Boal Kassab $7,449 VISIT
 Madeira 1840 Perestrello Terrantez $6,999 VISIT
 Madeira 1845 Berry Brothers & Rudd Bual Solera $1,299 VISIT
 Madeira 1870  Lomelino  Sercial Solera $1,299 VISIT
 Madeira 1914 Artur Barros & Sousa Malvasia $1,599 VISIT
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